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Safesite Fall Protection Services


Fall Protection Consultants

Are your fall protection systems compliant and safe? Are you minimizing hazards and protecting your employees and tenants? Fall protection can be the difference between life and death—in fact, falls to a lower level is the third leading fatal workplace event.

Navigating OSHA, ANSI, and local safety standards can be challenging, but our SafeSite Program makes it simple. We provide consultations, inspections, testing, certifications, fall hazard analyses, and training to minimize your liability and, more importantly, maximize safety.

Schedule a fall protection consultation today to receive personalized recommendations for enhancing safety measures and reducing liability risks.


SafeSite Program Benefits

Unlock the full potential of your safety and compliance with our unparalleled SafeSite Program:

Dedicated Compliance Manager

With a dedicated compliance manager by your side, we ensure a seamless experience, guiding you through every step of the program and eliminating any guesswork. Say goodbye to hours of tedious paperwork and coordination.

Turn-Key Experience

Our strategic partnerships with the most qualified third-party professional engineer partners guarantee turn-key inspection, testing, and certification services, providing accurate results and unmatched quality assurance.

Customized Action Plan

Upon completion, we deliver a comprehensive report directly to you and a customized compliance action plan based on the results.

SafeSite Services

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